Deadland Ritual

Deadland Ritual is an English-American hard rock band. Deadland Ritual’s members are Geezer Butler on vocals, Matt Sorum on drums, Steve Stevens on guitar, and Franky Perez on bass. The band was formed in December 2018 and had their live debut in May of this year in West Hollywood. The band’s debut single and music video was entitled ‘Down in Flames’ which was released the same year as their formation. “Broken and Bruised” is Deadland Ritual’s newest single.

Former bassist of Black Sabbath, Butler, had retired after his former band had split. Butler commented that he got fed up and wrote again; hearing the first demos of Deadland Ritual ultimately enticed him to get back on his feet and perform again as it was something he couldn’t stop doing.

Stevens, who was also a member of Billy Idol, commented about how it was easy to work with Butler. Steven’s guitar and Butler’s bass styles were in sync which excited the former. He was simply in awe that he was able to work beside a bass guitarist he had looked up to for a long time.

The band is currently on tour in Europe, performing in Spain, France, and Belgium for the month of June. They will be performing Louisville, Kentucky and Sacramento, California in the latter part of the year. More dates and locations will be added to the list.

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer, Sorum, stated that forming the band was his idea. He initially contacted Perez and Stevens then later on contacted Geezer to produce heavier rock sounding music.

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