NBA and the Fashion Industry: Are They Connected?

It can’t be denied that the NBA is a great influencer of sports. The great root of firm rules and reasonable uniformity are proofs that the NBA can give custom t shirts Canada with an exclusive opportunity for their present and future players, especially the players of Oakville.

However, other sudden changes happen as years go by for the NBA, especially for their players. Now, NBA players are also great influencers of fashion. The fashion sense of NBA players is really getting attention from the fans and famous brands.

How the NBA Got Into Fashion?

If you’re interested when, where, why, and how fashion got connected to the NBA, just keep on reading. Let us start with the timeline of how the NBA got into the fashion industry.


The NBA showed their firmness with their rules about uniformity of uniform when they threatened Michael Jordan. With Jordan’s legendary profile in the NBA, he was still threatened by the NBA to fine $5,000 because of wearing his iconic black and red sneakers. Now, a lot of merchandise and custom T-shirts made by large brands have been looking up to Michael Jordan.


Another well-known player, Allen Iverson, brought the idea of penchant style, baggy clothes, big chains, and tattoos. That kind of style was made as alternative clothes for the NBA. Since that 76ers draft, Allen Iverson’s idea became popular.


A year of suit and tie for the NBA players. It happened when NBA commissioner David Stern suggested requiring a business casual to the players. It forbade the players to wear their sleeveless top, chains, shorts, and sunglasses. It claimed to show professionalism to the fans everywhere and all the time. Wearing headbands, using cellphones, and putting headphones were also banned for the players inside the court.

2008 to 2010

This year is the start of sportswear and NBA’s partnership. Lebron James was spotted while wearing Beats by Dre headphones for the 2008 Olympic Games in Shanghai. Since then, fans bought and patronized Beats as one of the highly recommended brands for headphones.

As a result, Beats sponsored a lot of NBA players with their products. Little did the fans know that it was made as a promotion for their products. Lebron also helped Beats promote its launching of Powerbeats which is an athletic headphone.


Socks sponsorship started in 2015. It is when Stance became the official sock providers for the NBA players. The iconic socks got fans’ attention as well.


A kind of streetwear fashion was promoted by NBA players. It started when Kelly Oubre Jr. and J.R. Smith used the shooting sleeves designed by the Nike, Supreme, and NBA. It sparked the attention of streetwear fashion and gave a benefit for those brands.

2018 -2019

During 2018, the NBA let the players wear any colour of sneaker inside the court. Hyped styles became the standard design for the NBA. Now, the NBA required the players to have at least two shoes to be used. The first shoe is for the game while the other is for outside of the court.

Indeed, the NBA can now be called as a “rising platform” for fashion brands. It has been noted as a way to reach millions of people all over the world. A proof that fans are not only looking at the players while they are inside the court but also when they are outside the court.

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