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Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole starts final journey

Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole starts final journey

The Gwaii Haanas Legacy Pole began the next stage of its journey earlier this week.

Approximately 500 people gathered at the Haida Heritage Centre Tuesday for the pole’s send-off.

The pole was carried from the carving shed to the beach where it was loaded onto a truck before making the 40 nautical mile journey to Lyell Island by barge.

It will be raised August 15th at Hlk’yak Gawga (Windy Bay), making it the first pole erected in Gwaii Haanas in over 130 years.

The carvers will travel out in early August to finish the pole on site.

Lead carver Jaalen Edenshaw says finishing the work in Gwaii Haanas at an old village site is an important part of the process.

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