Slipknot and Vol 3: (The Subliminal Verses)

16 years ago, speculations and doubts were being thrown at the band as they were about to work on their third album.  The band’s state was regressing after their second album entitled ‘Iowa’ was released; despite all living together under one roof in their mansion studio located in Los Angeles, conversations and interactions were minimal. Due to the tensions arising, members of the band were either trying to distract themselves with side projects and turning to vices of drugs and alcohol.
Vocalist Corey Taylor was almost this close to quitting the bad as a result of the deteriorating situation of his band and the unspoken …

Was Elton John’s ‘Victim of Love’ The Worst He’s Ever Produced?

‘Victim of Love’ was Elton John’s 13th album which was released in 1979. The title of the track album was considered somewhat a successful stand alone as it hit top charts in various countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. However, it was deemed as an album that tanked as it was considered as John’s third lowest ranking album in his whole career. John himself stated in an interview with Rolling Stones that it was “one of the most anemic records” they had made.
Others speculated that the cause of the demise of John’s album was not him, but a friend that approached him. Pete Bellotte …

The Meeting of Queen and Adam Lambert

Ten years ago, Adam Lambert sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ as his audition piece for American Idol Season 8. Little did he know that later on, he would sing alongside the band behind the song. Was it a foreshadowing of the singer’s future collaboration?
The positive response from Lambert’s audition prompted thousands of fans to send the video of the performance to Brian May.
Lambert believes that singing the song during his audition had “planted a seed” to pave a way for the opportunity to sing with the famous band. Lambert thinks that his audition was one of the reasons as to why Queen was selected to perform …