Classic Rock Radio is a website for rockers, by rockers. Classic Rock Radio is already connected with 80 communities located in Northern and Central British Columbia and 42 rocking communities.

The release of a publication brings more connections and a wider reach. It celebrates the culture and traditions of rockers. Not only does Classic Rock Radio celebrate rock n’ roll, but it also captures and shows the rich culture including celebrations like AC/DC that is unique to rock n’ roll.

The website contains content that varies from cultural events, important news and event happenings, entertainment, and much more! Longtime or new fans of Classic Rock Radio will love the accessibility the website will provide, most especially when you are an avid reader. It will most definitely help in providing insight and educating those who are interested in learning the culture and diversity rock n’ roll has and embody.

Classic Rock Radio provides cultural education, important announcements, news, happenings, events that will bring the community together, brought to you by people from the community. The network listens and voices out rock n’ roll as it is the platform for and by them.